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Our Story

About Armory Products

A Solution to a Problem

After many years of managing kitchen remodeling projects, our founder kept running into a common problem: leaks from under counter appliances like dishwashers and ice machines. When searching for a product that would solve this costly issue, he had trouble finding a drain pan that would be an all-in-one fix.

Instead of lamenting the fact that there were no viable product solutions to the problem, he created one! The Under Counter Appliance Drain Pan kit includes a specialized drain tray, a pair of skids, and an over-sized drain fitting. Properly installed, either during or after construction, these components will capture and remove the threat of leaking water.

A Protection against Mold

These loss prevention products protect floors, cabinetry, sheetrock, and any finished spaces below the appliances. These products also help prevent against the growth of mold by draining the water safely away from the floor.

Under counter appliances (dishwashers, ice machines, and washing machines) require a water supply and are susceptible to leaks. Leaks can cause property damage, expensive insurance claims, and frustration for homeowners.

Until recently, it was impossible to install a drain pan and appliance under the fixed surface of the countertop to capture and safely remove a leak. When a countertop is above the appliance, a traditional drain pan simply obstructs the appliance installation. Don’t wait until your kitchen is destroyed, install an appliance drain pan now!

Armory Products Under Counter Appliance Drain Pan is patent pending.

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